Simple and Accessible Hydropower


VH quatrevingtreize develops resilient, responsible and sustainable energy production solutions with a holisitic environmental approach.

They are water turbines with hydrolic rotors able to extract energy from rivers, tide and waves.

This technology is the result of Stephan Guignard’s research at Aix Marseille University as well as his experience in terms of energy transition.

Our solutions are made of a biosourced material and are fully recyclable into new machines (Craddle to Craddle life cycle).

They interact smoothly with the aquatic environment through their smooth rotation.

Their financial and energy costs are covered within five years by the energy they produce.

« Utilisez la nature, cette immense auxiliaire dédaignée. Faites travailler pour vous toutes les chutes d’eau, réfléchissez au mouvement des vagues, au va−et−vient des marées. » Victor Hugo (Quatrevingt-treize, 1873)





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